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Looking After Your Septic

Ensure the system can be readily accessed for maintenance:

Do not construct driveways, buildings or paved areas over the septic and soakage system as this may result in damage to the system and access problems when the tank requires pumping out, the centre cover of the tank needs to be removed to allow for effective pumping.

Only plant appropriate vegetation near the septic and absorption area to facilitate nutrient uptake. Only plant small growing vegetation, as large plants root system can interfere with the septic and trench. If you have minor root infestation in your trench there are products available which can be added to your system to kill the roots. These products are available from hardware stores and supermarkets. Eg Rootox.

In order to maintain your septic system in a healthy condition it requires a healthy diet. This involves ensuring that only organic materials enter your septic. Items such as sanitary pads, tampons, condoms, plastic, baby wipes etc. will not break down in your tank and will cause blockages. If these items enter your trench, the absorption capability of the trench may be diminished causing the trench to fail. If this happens then the trench may need to be replaced.

Don’t dispose of medicines or strong chemicals such as pesticides and paints into the septic system. This can cause the septic tank to malfunction and may pollute groundwater. All cleaning products which will end up in you septic tank should be bio-degradable. Minimise the use of bleaches, disinfectants etc. Disinfectants kill micro-organisms that are essential to septic system functioning. If this occurs the tank will need to be pumped, and have enzyme pellets added to assist with activation of the bacteria. There are a number of additive available for this purpose and they can be purchased from you local hardware store, or supermarket. Eg Actyzyme, Ecozyme

Look after your septic and your septic will look after you! 

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